Britishvolt [IPO not yet announced]

This looks like a very exciting ipo that is upcoming. Really worth looking into for when it goes live

What is the technology? Unclear to me what they have achieved so far. Apologies if it is somewhere obvious

Ooh, very interested in this too.

Bit of a shocking comment.

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What is haha

Wait, are they actually going for an IPO, because I can’t see any info on that.

Can you change the typo from Bristish to British :rofl: :+1:

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O please yeah wanted to get this on quick

As far as am aware no official IPO date has been set as yet, but there has been talk of it happening in 2022 :+1:

Ok, I’m not going to make it to the Comedy Club.

@Leeawill20 Battery → Leccy —> Shocking



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I’m with you haha

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I really like the idea tbh

Battery powered cars was a joke not long ago

More movements in the world of Batteries. Mention of Britishvolt

LG Energy Solution: Battery giant jumps in market debut

Seems to be a growing thing

Drfinatly putting a stash away for this tbh

What is lgs opening ipo ptice


“LGES stock began trade at 597,000 won, almost double the 300,000 won price set in South Korea’s biggest-ever IPO” from

No bad jokes about “won” please.

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 10.27.45

So to answer your question that means in GBP at yesterdays exchange rate it opened at £368.95

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