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Vanadium flow batteries

Hi @Viktor, in relation to your comment on the Alien Metals page:

Is there any chance Invinity Energy Systems is one of the companies that isn’t difficult to add and will be on Freetrade soon?

This storage battery manufacturing company is a leading developer and manufacturer of Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs).

We added it some time ago. :+1:

Hi Victor, thanks for putting this on the app. Is there any chance, you can fix/change the graph for before the 2nd April so that the shares before show as 50p ish? When redt merged with avalon, the shares were consolidated 50 to 1.

We’ll look into this, thanks Kieran.

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Hi Kieran,

We receive this data directly from a partner, which is presented in the historical chart. As I can see the data is not adjusted for the consolidation you mentioned. We will be contacting them to see what can be done to rectify this.

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I know that bushveld are selling down their stake which has been driving the sp down, but I haven’t found much info on why Bushveld want to sell. Has anyone found any more info on this?

How much lower do we think it can go?? I’m a bit concerned that they are probably going to need to raise funds at some point, unless sales seriously kick up a gear. If the SP doesn’t pick up that could be some serious dilution…! (If they can attract enough at all.)

I’m not really a massive fan of doubling down on big losers but at this price I’m very tempted to sell some other holdings and buy some more. I still think the news flow and larger macro picture is good. It just feels like the company are going too slowly on new sales and spending a lot of time tinkering with corporate structure etc rather than selling product.

This has continued to be a terrible performer for me. I’m now down 80%

But… looking at todays interim report nearly half of the market cap is now accounted for by their cash balance. That seems insane to me. The rest of the company has to be worth way more than £17mn, especially given they also have £10mn in inventory waiting to be shipped.

I’m probably missing something because it’s down 3% this morning but I can’t see how it can get much lower. That said the CFO resigning does worry me, particularly as the report doesn’t really say why…

After a little research I can see the CFO is leaving to go to AFC energy which makes me feel slightly better about it - I think :woozy_face:

The market has not reacted well to the interims though. Down 10% now!

Another positive RNS on Friday. Great to see the pipeline converting into actual sales, especially in the USA as that’s been a big part of the strategy over the lest year or two. Possibly rightly the market hasn’t reacted much at all. Up 6% on the day but still down 42% on the month!

Hopefully they can book some more sales in quick succession and get the momentum up.

Well since I posted this they’ve announced three more sales! Including the biggest sale so far a 10MWh system. Looks like they managed to keep up that momentum :smiley:

Another big sale on the board. A 15MWh project sold into Taiwan. The stock has also finally responded to all the recent sales activity up over 50% today!

This is the second big sale into Taiwan in the last month or so. I don’t know a lot about their specific energy storage market, but I wonder if the current geo-political situation is encouraging them to increase their energy resilience…

Let’s hope the sales keep coming, even with todays bump i’m still 25% down on my original investment!

There’s a new RNS out today. Invinity have been awarded £11mn of grant funding under the LODES scheme to deploy a 30MWh VFB in the UK. That makes it their biggest project to date in MWh terms!

I was secretly confident that they would win some round 2 LODES funding but it’s great to have it confirmed. A nice little 20% pop in the SP on open as well. I suspect that might slip a little until the project partner is announced. If it does I may look at increasing my holding a bit.

One for the watchlist and a bit more research - price will no doubt jump tomorrow on the back of fresh press coverage:

Wow it actually did jump. There’s also been a fair bit of press in Australia around the Yadlamalka project and VFBs more broadly over the last few days.

The SP has been fluctuating around a lot recently though so 20% jump only takes it back to where it was this time last week :joy:

Also to add I believe VSA capital as brokers have been looking to try and bring in some new shareholders to get the price moving upwards. I think having a strong base of core share holders is good, but it means there isn’t a ton of action on the fringes to bump up the SP.

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Finally in the green after almost 2 years!


Great RNS today. 84MWh of storage sold to various projects funded by the US department of energy. Hopefully these will act as a jumping off point for sales of Mistral.

Interim results are out too. I haven’t had a chance to go through those yet though.

OMG, what is happening with this stock?