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The SPAC with ticker KCAC, is merging with QuantumScape, the Bill Gates and Volkswagen backed next gen battery company. QuantumScape has the co founder of Tesla JB Straubel on the board. They’re attempting to commercialise solid state batteries, where the electrolyte between the anode and cathode is solid as opposed to liquid.

The battery they’re developing should have much better energy density than current electric vehicle batteries.

At $10 a share the merger would value QS at 3.3bn, so if you bought today at $20 you’re paying ~$6.6Bn. They don’t expect to start selling the product for some years yet.

It will be interesting what Tesla comes with on battery day, if they have achieved much higher energy density using a different approach, it would undermine the solid state approach, if they are using the same approach or fail to show a significant improvement, that would bode well for QS.

Sorry if this is wrong but it’s my first request for stock.
I’m following most of the EV car stocks and figured a batteryanufactier who has just launched this month would be a good addition.

QuantumScape (QS), a battery developer for electric vehicle use, began trading on the New York Stock Exchange today following a SPAC merger. Shares of the San Jose-based company were up 49% in early trading during.

QuantumScape is aiming to commercialize its solid-state lithium metal batteries which it claims provide a greater range, a much faster charge time and are safer and more cost effective than conventional technologies used today.

The company is backed by Bill Gates (Volkswagen AG (VOW.DE) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance))Former Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel is currently a QuantumScope board member.

Production of the batteries is several years away with Volkswagen aiming to install them in vehicles by 2025.

QuantumScape’s founder and CEO Jagdeep Singh told Yahoo Finance Live, “We’re really at the cusp for the beginning of this massive transformation” into electrification of vehicles.

“Whoever wins the battery battle, so to speak, is going to be looking at, in our opinion, a multi hundred billion dollar company,” said Singh prior to the listing.

Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: there 's already a request here:

Hi and thankyou…this is all new to me I only started investing a small amount of £1100 in October but have seen a return of 31% according to my free trade portfolio…so tiny steps at the moment.


It’s an unprecedented bull market so everyone is making money. Without sounding harsh your 31% return since October has no relation to this stock request?


Hi John sorry I am new here and had replied to an email from another free trade member…and thought that reply would be seen only by the him.

Definately interested in this one. 15 minute charge from 0-80% is ludicrous, most charges are from 50% currently. A breakthrough for sure. Tesla co-founder on QuantumScape's new battery: it's a breakthrough

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I was surprised to see that this one wasn’t on Freetrade already - don’t forget to vote!

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It is on you absolute idiot.


Go easy on yourself bud


Looking good in pre trading up 13%

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wow 25%


Looks like a short squeeze is taking place.

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Don’t know if I should sell…mmm

It could go to something even more ridiculous as all the shorts are forced to buy back their shares. But based purely on business prospects I’m not sure current price represents good value, no revenue till 2024 etc


Wow…Thank you!

very happy that EWI added a 3% position at the end of November.

This stock is as good as Bitcoin backed by noth

Backed by nothing?

Fundamentals carry no value in this market