QuantumScape - QS

Just been notified on my account with IG that there is a litigation case? Went to sell, cant sell, tried to contact FT on two different chats, no response? How is this dealt with It seems as if I can’t do anything with this stock? Is it frozen or do they stop it trading if they have been caught lying about their products and I guess that means it’s fraud?


You might be right.

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Doesn’t look good -
According to the complaint, throughout the Class Period the defendants made materially false and misleading statements and omitted to disclose that QuantumScape’s battery technology was not sufficient for electric vehicle performance as it would not be able to withstand the aggressive automotive environment and likely provided no meaningful improvement over existing battery technology.

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This could be next NIKOLA :roll_eyes:

@Clairejay I’ve just managed to sell, maybe try again? Or is it pending?
Are you trying to sell large amounts?

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But why can’t I sell them on FT they haven’t come back to me for nealry an hour!?

Hi no I just tried again in every way possible and it wouldn’t let me sell even fractional, triggerd, sell all etc etc 200 which is now worth 100. And Freetrade aren’t answering the chat

I had 200 quid in it which I think is 2 shares… I’ve tried every number I can and every way I can and it says this

Well how many shares do you have? Are you sure they’re not already queued in an existing limit order?

That screenshot is showing that you have less than one share left to sell hence why it won’t let you submit the limit order. How many shares do you have left? Do you have multiple limit sell orders?

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You have limit orders shown on that screen shot. You’d need to cancel them first

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THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. MANAGED TO SELL FINALLY. I’M SO DISAPPOONTED IN HAVING TO COME ON HERE to ask for help, they still haven’t answered me on the chat. I’ve been panicking most of this afternoon and just didn’t know what to do. Your an angel thank you xxx yes it was the limit order!!


You seem to be having so much fun on freetrade. Never a quiet moment lol


Not advice, but are you this investing approach is right for you Claire? A lot of people seem to be into YOLOing into meme stocks on FT, but if this is causing you to panick, then maybe a steadier approach may suit you better? It’s proven to work out better long term anyway. Like with a global ETF for example.


My first real exploration into investing was putting it all into Vanguard Lifestrategy 100%, then later into VRWL, for a year before even really touching anything else. Turned out to be a good decision +20~% on my investments and it gave me time to learn. But thats perhaps a discussion for another topic.


Sympathy with the OP here as looking at that original screenshot this is terrible UX.

Surprised something like ‘Only 0E-8 shares available’ made it onto the live app for what looks like a pretty common use case.


Yeah it look slike a bug, its not obvious what the problem is just form that UI element. One for the bug thread :smiley:


Love you