QuantumScape - QS

Yes I’m new but we all start somewhere.

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I wonder if it has any impact on Ilika — solid state battery manufacturer from UK

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Elon Musk made a good comment about all the ‘groundbreaking advances in batteries’.

It was along the lines of ‘if they work, then bring them to us/Tesla and we’ll buy them, we’ll buy them all, we’ll buy your company - we want better batteries’.

I’m sure someone’s going to come up with a breakthrough at some point, but right now it seems that next generation batteries can do everything except leave the lab.


And how the hell Nio promised to have it next year then? Surely they can’t be that clueless / ignorant.

Promises are cheap.

There’s over 50 companies working on it for several years now.

Mass production of SSB is at least 4 - 5 years away and it’s expected to start with consumer electronics such as wearables and phones before EV. It’s interesting when companies say they’re launching it in 2022.

Toyota with funding from Japanese government are quite far ahead in the game (relatively speaking) and were expected to announce it during Tokyo Olympics. They’re realistically targeting 2025.

Time will tell I suppose but it’s for sure an interesting technology.

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Are they taking pre-orders for it?
They are a 100b company, i am pretty sure they have legal department and wouldn’t be allowed to advertise something that they are not sure about

It’s a Chinese company, they can say and do whatever they want. China is full of fraudulent companies. :smiley:

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It’s a company, they can do and say whatever they want. The world is full of companies that don’t act in good faith.

Tesla’s been taking money for Full Self Driving for years. McDonald’s food doesn’t look like it does in the pictures. KickStarter, IndieGoGo, etc etc

I don’t know if they are taking pre-orders but I’m pretty sure their legal department, like Tesla’s, know how far they can push their claims and promises.


I am really not sure what to make out of it.

Battery’s feel so central to the Tesla business model I struggle to seem Elon not having a finger in the pie of who ever develops a scalable improvement. That’s assuming it isn’t Tesla themselves.

On Quantumscape - this hype really turned it into a day trading Robin Hood meme stock. We’re there any directors or investor who cashed in?

Nice return this week…very happy


Its off again 1.27 now

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Nice. Did you bank some of that profit? I had considered dipping into QS last week but it’s insanely overpriced. I think a fair value is between $20 and $40.

I put a stop loss on a percentage of the holding

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US tech stocks have lost the plot - it has been especially ridiculous this week and last.

I thought QS was overvalued when it was priced at $18. It’s now almost 8x that on the back of a few interviews with the CEO :exploding_head:

I was looking at this but the stocks has gone up way to high and currently they do not have any source of revenues. A lot of their products are not ready for at least 5 years. So I have avoided this.


I bought some of these before the massive hike in price and stupidly didn’t sell them :frowning:

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I turned about £30 into roughly £15 thanks to Quantumscape. You win some, you lose some.

I’m just glad Freetrade exists and gives me the freedom to experiment and learn with small sums. If it was a regular broke like - picking a name at random - AJ Bell, then I’d have been charged £9.99 for the buy, £9.99 for the sell and would have walked away with practically nothing for such a small investment amount.

The class action lawsuit against QuantumScape was enough to make me dump them. I just wish I knew which battery company is going to be the one to crack mass produced solid state batteries first!


If you want to make a quick profit then you have to be able to stomach some losses.
If you want to hold them I believe this company could be a player in a 5y timeframe