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This company is developing a battery technology platform based on low cost, non-flow zinc-bromine chemistry.

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Interesting technology - was going to add a request after watching a presentation on Investor Meet this morning.
Was added to the LSE today

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@SteveAvia £GELN is now live on your app!



Up 34% in the first couple of days, blimey…,

Do you think it will keep rising a good bit, level out or shoot back down ?

No idea! I was cautiously optimistic (long term) when I grabbed a few at £1.70 yesterday but wasn’t expecting anything like this level of immediate growth.

If anyone has a more informed view I’d love to know…


…especially given the direction everything else is going right now! :joy:

Buying this after watching their video, think it could hit 3.50 at least in comparison to ceres

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Gutted i only went in small, like really small thinking id have time to top up more on me pay day, now its prob to late, going in small is nearly as bad as not going in at all im sure a famous investor once said, eeer what do i do now ???

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Yeah I can’t find anything either so just a case of riding the storm I think.


Just keeps on falling!! Doesn’t seem
Like there is light at the end of this tunnel anytime soon.

Think there talking 2022

Dose anyone have any info on gelion plz? There’s just not much out there, thanks anybody

Anyone know anything about Gelion?

They did a presentation in Investor Meet this morning; should is a copy of the recording and presentationon

Issued an RNS yesterday about a trial which is discussed in the presentation

Looks interesting technology but the SP has come off the early highs - having said that up 22% today!

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There is an investor presentation on YouTube as well.
Energy storage is projected to be a big market in the next few years.

Price target of 2.81 p ffs

Hahaha buy now, double your money when they go into production in 2024. :+1: