[Request] Lit ETF

Can we have a Lithium ETF added to our list.
EV’s need Lithium Batteries and the LIT ETF sounds good to me…
Top Holdings in this ETF are

BYD Co Ltd Class H 01211 10.79%
Albemarle Corp ALB 9.49%
Tesla Inc TSLA 7.04%
Ganfeng Lithium Co Ltd 002460 5.80%
Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd Class A 300750 5.68%
LG Chem Ltd 051910.KS 5.42%
Samsung SDI Co Ltd 006400.KS 4.24%
Yunnan Energy New Material Co Ltd A 002812 4.18%
NAURA Technology Group Co Ltd 002371 3.79%
Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd A 300450 3.79%
![Screenshot_20201207-221713_Finance 243x500](upload://cfmm0vfsuVCvvkus7RcMfDQbLIc.jpeg)

LIT looks like a US ETF and therefor not available for UK retail investors unfortunately

Do you have a UK/EU one in mind?