[Request] Evolution Gaming Group (0RQ6)

Evolution Gaming Group AB (publ) is a Sweden-based company active in the Internet services sector. It develops, produces, markets and licenses integrated business-to-business (B2B) live casino solutions for gaming operators.

Earnings grew 91% over last year and are forecasted to grow at least 20% per year.

Bumping this. Stock up 40% since the creation of this thread. It’s been included on the main exchange in Stockholm, top15 highest valued company in Sweden.

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With respect, “bumping” it doesn’t achieve anything. The staff read the forums, so one post is all they need. If you’re enthusiastic and want to help its cause, it would help more if you filled out the form that’s linked to in the pinned thread. This is the team’s preferred way for people to request stocks be added.

Yes and no. I’ve been active for quite a while on this forum now and bumping does not help - you’re right. But what helps is flaming. People being angry, and threatening to leave to T212 usually works sadly.

It’s almost a metaphor for live that only the aggressive and rude get what they want.

I assume a lack of Swedish stocks is why the Stockholm listing isn’t available, but is there a reason why the ADR $EVVTY isn’t available? Freetrade usually has good coverage of US stocks so it surprised me the ADR isn’t listed.

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