[Request] Foxconn Technology Co. - TWSE: 2354

Foxconn manufactures electronic products for major American, Canadian, Chinese, Finnish and Japanese companies. Notable products manufactured by Foxconn include the BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Nintendo 3DS, Nokia devices, Xiaomi devices, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the TR4 CPU socket on some motherboards. As of 2012, Foxconn factories manufactured an estimated 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide.

Request to add Foxconn’s LSE option listed with the symbol HHPD.

This request is due to Foxconn owning Belkin, a somewhat big name in smart home products like plug adapters and such.

Yes please add this stock…very interested

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Would like to see Foxconn Tecnology/FXCOF on Freetrade.



Hi, was wondering if you know of discount broker to purchase Foxconn shares in Taiwan from?

There’s a few Foxconn 's in Taiwan… but I’ll assume you mean Foxconn Tech … with ISIN… TW0002354008

Couldn’t quickly find a single one after a quick try on the FinKi Share Searcher thingy

You can go straight to Primary Listing as 2354 on Taiwan but very very few cheaper brokers cover Taiwan as an Exchange.
It does have an OTC variant in the US but not many cheaper brokers do OTC easily either.

You can get exposure to it via several ETFs… but all in very, very small amounts… see the FinKi ETF Screener here >>>>


Which Foxconn do you mean?

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