Taiwan Stockmarket

Some weeks ago, Shane from Ireland was looking for a broker who could do business with Taiwan Stockmarket ? I wonder if he has had any luck as I am in the same boat. So far I have failed. I assume Singapore or Hong Kong would have brokers who do? But I don’t fancy sending a few grand over on a wing and prayer which I should imagine they’ll want. Anybody who can help me? Rob. South Wales

I would just invest in a Taiwan ETF like $EWT,
or Taiwanese companies listed on USA exchanges: https://topforeignstocks.com/foreign-adrs-list/the-full-list-of-taiwan-adrs/.

Hi Rob,

I looked up the older post you mentioned. Foxconn/Hon Hai Precision is actually quite simple to invest from the UK as it’s listed on the LSE as $HHPD

Also, if you’re new to investing I would be cautious with following tips. In this case Foxconn is a massive company so it’s less likely to tank, but it sounds they’ve sold it to you like it’s underground info, which foxconn definitely isn’t, being one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world.

Hi Charlie

Thanks for the info.Ill tell you now it’s highly linked to Apple possibly owned by them it has a vast amount of patented technology and actually makes a lot of components for Apple. Recommended if you can afford minimum purchase, it will pay for your retirement. Let me buy mine before you do incase I can gain a little more than you, because I am retired. Thanks for your help. Regards Rob

Charlie once again thanks. It must be bought under the 2317 code

Hi Charlie

I’ve just looked at that Foxconn company on London Stock. That’s the same company but different if that makes sense. It’s got to have Foxconn 2317 trading as Tic HNHPF

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