European Broker with Access to Taiwan Stock Exchange

I’m looking into a company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange but can’t find any providers in Europe offering this service except for expensive brick and mortar stockbrokers. I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction.

I’m sorry if this is looked down upon because I’m asking about other brokers but this forum is about investing. Taiwan Stock Exchange is not on FT and anyway I don’t even have access to FT. If someone could PM that would be great.



Not aware of any online broker in the UK which have access to the Taiwan market - might be worth checking if the company is dual-listed on another exchange?

It’s dual listed in London and Frankfurt but the price is way off…just over double. I’m not sure if they just haven’t factored in the stock split on the European exchanges or what’s the problem.

I’ve asked a broker if this is the case and awaiting an answer. I haven’t found any info on this online. Thanks for the reply :+1:

Just chiming in to say it’s not ‘looked down upon’ at all! Investing is very personal and we hope the community can help each other out. :dancing_women:


Fantastic answer Viktor. Re-affirms why I invested initially. Sure we’ll have everything in a few years and won’t need anyone else! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Raises an interesting question though in terms of the plan for adding different exchanges onto the Freetrade platform. The Taipei Exchange has some really interesting biotech companies listed that I would love to be able to invest in - is there anything in the roadmap about opening up markets like this?


I wanted to buy a stock on the Malaysian stock exchange a while ago, but only a handful of boutique UK brokers were offering Malaysian stocks and their commissions were hefty (£25+) so I didn’t bother.

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I have found the OTC for the stock I was looking for. The LSE is the equivalent to 2 of the Taiwanese shares according to some information I’ve found online. In my previous response I said they were just over double… that was to do with the delay on price reporting.

Just thought I’d share my experience in case anyone happens to come upon this type of situation. Look to see if the OTC on a different exchange is a multiple of the Taiwanese price in USD.

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Which stock is this? Maybe we can help you research and make sure you find it.

It’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co…The legal name of the entity “Foxconn”. 5G play

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If you have any insight please let me know. Won’t be purchasing until end of the month so will be doing more research up until then

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Foxconn fortunes are still very much tied to Apple (iPhone) - perhaps you can consider alternative 5G plays for example Cisco or Qualcomm?

You’ll find they deal with Huawei and Xiaomi too. As well of a host of names in the US. Including Cisco who you mentioned. Foxconn is not simply an “Apple” play. I believe their Taiwanese domicile will allow them to profit where others can’t due to the trade war too. Each to their own.

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You can buy Taiwan Semiconductor $TSM on Freetrade. They have a narrower focus than Foxconn but their main facilities are in Taiwan rather than Shenzhen - so should be more immune to current US tariffs. Should also benefit from 5G.


Ye I’m going to buy both. Well actually I can’t buy any on Freetrade because they’re not in Ireland yet!