Add plans for access to the Tokyo Stock Exchange

@Viktor I wonder if someone might be able to give any view on this?

Clearly the focus is on Europe, UK and US for now. However have you guys given any recent thoughts to access to other exchanges in the long term? specifically ive put Tokyo Stock Exchange up as an idea as they’re one of the first countries we’re closing a trade deal with that includes improved market access, specifically with financial services.

Obviously we don’t know the fine points of the deal yet, however its clear that one of the points of the deal includes easier access for financial service, and perhaps in turn easier access to integrating with Japanese stock exchanges.

So two fold, this is an ‘idea’ since there isnt one for Japanese stock exchanges, and to see if you might share anything on the long term plans for world wide markets now its looking like we may be pushing better deals in regards to financial services access. Have you guys thought much about this yet?

Its also the third largest exchange in the world, not many UK brokers give access to it.

Would second that… and maybe a curated list of assets per exchange thrown in there for good measure wouldn’t go amiss either

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Hey @Eden, thanks for the message.

Yes we’re definitely considering other major global stock exchanges in the long term. It’s too early to give any indication of a timeline, but accessing the best global stocks definitely fits the vision for the product.

As you say, we’re currently focusing on extending our trading platform to offer European stocks, but maybe we’ll do the hard work now to build it in a way that makes it less complicated to add more global venues in future :wink: