[Request] Glensource Potash - GSP 🇨🇦

Glensource Potash stock price given the world economic outlook looks like a compelling medium to long term growth opportunity. Please give it your urgent review as it is being tipped as a good thing by some Analyst’s.

GSPs last trade was over a month and a half ago. And considering the consistency of the last few trades all being the same im pretty sure only one person has bought GSP in the last 3 months.

Seems like the analyst view you say also aren’t eating their own dog food. Since it doesn’t look like they bought any

That’s not to say freetrade wouldn’t add it… but it’s possible they won’t add it any time soon considering the lack of volume or trade and that you could get stuck unable to sell

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There is a global shortage of potash which is set to get more acute as the world population is projected to grow to 10 billion people and today’s main exporters, Russia and Ukraine are locked in a drawn out conflict. Glensource is a much needed new supplier which is currently in set up mode and will make an attractive long term growth stock.

Reasonable request. But you can enhance it by providing a company link and preferably an indication of which stock exchange the stock can be purchased. It could be that the stock exchange is unlikely to be supported soon - so worth establishing this first if you are looking for an immediate purchase.

When you say things like

please can you provide a link or a reference? We have no idea if the sources are credible and/or whether the source is just pumping the stock.

The answers you’re seeking are:
London SE - AIM
Motley Fool

Let’s do this.

David Jefferies

You haven’t included the links. Motley fool is a second rate source. This is a low liquidity stock. Please always directly include links so that others can judge whether it is worth it or not.

Please explain what a company link is and I will send you an answer.


David Jefferies

It is just the standard URL.

BTW, I have just had a look on the LSE and I can see that this is an extremely low liquidity AIM stock. The last transaction was 7 July.

What this means is that users may struggle to buy and sell the stock - as the buyers/sellers are slim on the ground. As a rule of thumb it is unlikely that Freetrade would have this stock simply because it would cause Freetrade customers considerable difficulty in buying and selling.

Looking at the companies web page I see that it is also listed on the TSXV exchange in Canada. Which is not supported by Freetrade at this moment in time - but might be some time in the future.