What’s happening with Chesapeake ❓

My mate invested £50 approx in Chesapeake came up the other day as £6300.00 odd any opinions :question: he wasn’t allowed to cash in tho :worried::+1::england:🇬🇧🇺🇸

They consolidated the share.

1 for 200 I believe.

Cheers Foodman Are they still in existence or broke :question:they’re not on the app last I checked :exclamation:

They are still listed …

Cheers :+1:

Hi but you have still not converted the stock. I cannot change the position. We need better comms on this stuff. Cheers G

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll check it out.

You’ve replied with a cut & paste from Thursday’s message. Disappointing. You are still holding my equity with no opportunity to withdraw it. Anything new to add? Monday hopefully?
Best, G

We’ll share another update with shareholders ASAP when we have more information.

The price in-app is correct, but the holding still has to be corrected.

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