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Good morning. I had an issue with one investment. BTW I am new to trading. I am still in the initial stage of trying to understand trading

I have bought 3 shares of “Cesapeake Energy” which later went for Consolidation. When I bought 3 shares of “Chesapeake Energy” it was $0.1233 on 30 march. Before It frozen on 15th APR for consolidation at that point each share was worth $16.38

Today each share valued at $17.19. My total investment as of now worth $51.57 and in the end of consolidation process Freetrade only paid me only $0.18 in total. It felt like, I have been treated unfair. Anybody had similar experience, am I missing something. Could someone share your thoughts please


They did a reverse stock split. That means that 200 shares are now bundled into 1 new share. But you also now only own 1/200 shares. There was no increase in price from 0.12 to 16$. Your share is now worth 16$, but you also only have 1/200 of a share instead of 1.


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Further to the previous in-app messages which were sent to shareholders, you should have received an in-app message today with details of your cash payment. Please reply to that message if you have any other questions.

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thank you SebReitz for your quick response