Freetrade shares not in capdesk

Got an email to register my shares in capdesk for Freetrade. Clicked the link after verifying its legit, no shares showing, no means to accept them. Other shares in capdesk are showing - I invested back in 2020, any ideas whats happening?

I have the same issue. It shows the amount of money I invested in 3 rounds but not the amount of shares.

Its legit, but the freetrade shares are not showing for me despite having them for a few years now?

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Hi Jim,

You can email our company secretary ( to confirm your shareholding if you would like. It looks like Capdesk had an issue in displaying shareholdings over the last couple of days. This in no way would impact your holding and should be resolved ASAP.


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Should they eventually appear or is it something that still requires us to email the company secretary?

They should appear. I just suggested emailing the company secretary if you wanted peace of mind that all is ok. Capdesk is just a portal that shows your holdings.

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@acamp any chance of chasing the company sec up gently? Not had a response, shares still not showing - my freetrade & capdesk email are different because I used gmail forwarders

Let me nudge him. Rest assured your shareholding will be as you left it. This is just a system that displays the shares.

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Thanks, appreciate that