[Request] Global X SuperDividend UCITS Dist - SDIP

Global X SuperDividend ETF

US etfs aren’t available to add.


This is a pity. I hope they change their policy.

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It’s unfortunately EU law, not freetrade.

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UK is not part of the EU.

Although this is only part of the problem, which after reading a tad, turns US dom funds into a nightmare.

  • EU investment regulations require PRIIPs (Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products) to be available for an ETF.
    Is the UK still required to abide by this EU legislation?

There are also other resolvable problems:

  • Higher bid-offer spreads
  • Really annoying regulation
  • Must register for US taxes.

From justeft:

“Some brokers do have established partners in the US who can place orders directly on the US exchanges, but rare because fewer brokers have this facility in place.”

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It’s not just European Union restrictions on Packaged Retailed Investment Products (PRIIPs) which UK has adopted but HMRC also maintains a list of approved offshore funds

If you do manage to buy these non approved funds/ETFs/shares (non CFD derived / synthetic) either as an accredited investor or from a US based brokers, the gains are taxed as income as high as 45% and does not fall under CGT.

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Thank-you everybody for the clarification and information.

This popular ETF seems to have a UCITS version now.
It’s very small still though.

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It’s a monthly payer which is good news.
I cannot find the div yield.
Do you know what it is?

Not sure, but you can check the US version, it should be the same imo.