[Request] Healthier Choices Management Corp. (HCMC)

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Any chance of getting hcmc added

This is traded on the OTC market so unfortunately isn’t currently supported

(note, i believe i read they were planning support for this market in the future)


What other apps cover this market?

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Thanks. Do they do a similar sign up bonus as here? Anyone want to link me if so?

Healthier Choices Management Corp

As society moves forward we put more emphasis on quality of life. HCMC is setting out to achieve this by prioritising our health and wellbeing; they provide “healthier alternatives to everyday lifestyle choices”.

There are two aspects highlighted on their website: vaping, and organic food.

The Vape Store: HCMC owns and intellectual property comprised of patents in US and Canada at the moment. They are focusing on safer vaping technology and nicotine imitations.
As someone who smoked, I strongly believe this is a great cause. Nicotine is highly addictive and some people resort to smoking cheaper, “fake” cigarettes which are way more harmful. Some people don’t like the idea of breaking away from traditional smoking, but with emphasis on health, opinions will change.

They also own 2 full-service grocery markets (ADA) and 3 Paradise Health & Nutrition places. They serve all natural and organic products, vitamins & supplements, health & beauty, hormone & antibiotic free meat, etc.

They are positioning themselves as a “leader” in healthy living. “You are what you eat. Be natural.”

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