[Request] Healthier Choices Management Corp (HCMC)

Request healthier choices management corp (HCMC)


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Remember to fill the request form in. I did for this earlier this week :crossed_fingers:


We need this in now. Healthier Choices Management Corp ASAP. For everyone.



Where do I find the request form???

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Where did you find the request form?


Requesting hcmc please

I unfortunately wouldn’t expect to see this anytime soon, as their only listings is on OTC Markets. Freetrade don’t currently offer stocks on this market and I don’t expect that to change soon. Though I like to hold as much with Freetrade as possible, this is why having multiple brokers is sometimes necessary.

Why HCMC stock is not on freetrade??? This one is currently super hot stock on current US market. Please include this share on freetrade.

Thank you