[Request] - iShares S&P 500 Industrials Sector UCITS ETF (IUIS)

Hi team, we are in urgent need for ishares s&p500 industrials ETF. High inflation is coming and the fed isn’t going to raise rates anytime soon, to best action this scenario we need to be in inflation growth sectors:

  • materials
  • reits
  • energy
  • industrials

We are missing the ishares s&p500 industrials ETF here:

To hack around this, I’ve had to buy up several of the original holdings but this is inefficient and horrible user experience, and what’s more it doesn’t fully encompass the sector ETF.

It’s the only ishares US sector missing, we need this ahead of meme stocks for your long term investors.

Many thanks,

With respect, you don’t get to decide what’s time sensitive. It takes as long as it takes for an instrument to be added. That’s up to Freetrade. As you’re new to the forum, you should know that multiple posts for the same instrument don’t speed things along. In fact, they only waste admin time. I say this as you’ve commented on the following thread, which seems to be the same thing.

Tbf the other thread has the wrong ticker on it.

Since it’s the only sector missing from that set, it’s quite possible there is a good reason why it hasn’t been added. It would be nice if FT could let us know what the reason is, so we can stop requesting it all the time.

we are seeing streams of spacs and small caps being added, which is great. But some, myself included, are trying to move away from high risk and going more defensive. This is likely to be important to a few people going forward

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Haha… Does it have the wrong ticker? Not sure it does.

Anyway, please let’s up vote one, I don’t care which one just would be nice to fill in the gaps.

@FT is there a reason why the Industrials sector hasn’t been added?

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