Request McColls MCLS

Can you add McColls please. They’re extremely low at the minute but the only way us up!

Hi @Mike13lane welcome welcome welcome :ocean:

Feel free to discuss the reasons why you’re interested in a particular company in these threads too. But keep the investing chat guidelines in mind of course :wink:

So check out the current list & if you don’t see a stock / ETF that you want, create the topic now.

Please follow this template for these topics:

  • An image of the company’s logo
  • Topic’s title is the brand name, a ‘-’ & the stock ticker symbol e.g. Apple - AAPL
  • Include a short description of the company
  • A link to the company’s Wikipedia page
  • A link to the company’s page on Google Finance (these are tricky to find search for “[company name] Google Finance” on Google, then copy the URL from there (the green link)

Looks like they should sort out some of there debt problems today, so would be a good add for the future