[Request] Mullen Automotive (MULN)

Stock request for MULN, EV company recently de-spaced from NETE.

any movement on this?

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Can we get this asap before we miss out again. Always the plays i want to get into freetrade dont seem to bother with


Dear me are the Mods reading these forums?
BUMP! $MULN needs to be added as a US security asap!

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Hi @Wrappa

Put simply why would I, a layman, vote on this request when nobody has sharing anything about the company, why it should be added or so much as a news article to peak my interest. Stock additions take time so they add where the demand is.

Yup @adam & @Viktor read a lot of these post. (I’m not a mod I just am just avoiding work!)

Not asking for your vote or approval Neil.

It’s a struggling EV company currently sat at a penny stock price point.

What else is my fault that you need to protect FreeTrade and the Moderators from?

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MULN certainly have potential. I read through a few pages today and was considering buying at its current price, It would be an interesting addition.

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I’m also interested in buying this stock.


15 votes surelt

When did Mullen get added to Freetrade?

Obviously the stock has been hammered from pillar to post these past couple of years. Most recently with 2 x reverse splits. Quite close to each other.

Though. For a long time. It had a green week last week. Maybe the signs of an uptrend forming?? Who knows. All I would say. I’d invest very carefully with this stock. Very carefully indeed.

Now that it’s on FT. I might have a little play with this.