[Request] Mullen Automotive (MULN)

Stock request for MULN, EV company recently de-spaced from NETE.

any movement on this?

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Can we get this asap before we miss out again. Always the plays i want to get into freetrade dont seem to bother with


Dear me are the Mods reading these forums?
BUMP! $MULN needs to be added as a US security asap!

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Hi @Wrappa

Put simply why would I, a layman, vote on this request when nobody has sharing anything about the company, why it should be added or so much as a news article to peak my interest. Stock additions take time so they add where the demand is.

Yup @adam & @Viktor read a lot of these post. (I’m not a mod I just am just avoiding work!)

Not asking for your vote or approval Neil.

It’s a struggling EV company currently sat at a penny stock price point.

What else is my fault that you need to protect FreeTrade and the Moderators from?

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MULN certainly have potential. I read through a few pages today and was considering buying at its current price, It would be an interesting addition.

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I’m also interested in buying this stock.


15 votes surelt