[Request] Volkswagen (VOW3)

The more liquid version of Volkswagen stock. Only the VOW ordinary variant is listed on FT.

Don’t forget to not on your own :point_up:

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:laughing: Good point !

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Hi @Alex_B please can you look at this and get the right person to review/action. @Jim_mcgrain is correct. Almost certainly the wrong stock got added. VOW3 is the right stock not VOW.
VOW is ordinary. Today’s volume (so far) 24,723. Avg. volume 50,632
VOW3 is preference Today’s volume (so far) 595,046. Avg volume 1,096,611

There is a price difference between them. Please see the article


Oh well I’ll just buy them on Trading 212 then.

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More pics for ID. Buzz. No pricing yet.