[Request] Nerd Wallet IPO (NRDS)

Nerdwallet is due to hit the market later this month. It would be great to see it offered on the free-trade app.

I feel it will be an initial flutter of activity but ultimately pick up within a few month the due to the services being offered. Bringing all financial aspects of life I to one place via its app.

Hi @Monk :wave:t2: welcome to the community!

Great spot - it should get added to the IPO calendar soon. I don’t know anything about this company - if you find anything good come back and share with the community.

If anyone has a spare day and wants to read the S1 IPO document filled with the SEC.

Price range of $17.00 - $19.00 values the business between 1.11bn & 1.25bn.

The beneficial owners of our Class B common stock are Tim Chen, our co-founder, chief executive officer and chairman of our board of directors, and his affiliated trusts. As the holders of our outstanding Class B common stock, Mr. Chen and his affiliated trusts will hold approximately 90.6% of the voting power of our outstanding capital stock immediately following this offering.

Hi @Monk

When the team create a stock discussion it means the stock will be available on the app soon.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the heads up. Very much appreciated.

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