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mniVision Technologies, Inc. (OmniVision) designs, develops, manufactures and markets image-sensor devices. The Company’s primary product, a semiconductor image-sensing device called the CameraChip, is used to capture an image electronically, and is used in a range of consumer and commercial mass-market applications. Its CameraChip image sensors are manufactured using the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) fabrication process and are primarily single-chip solutions that integrate various functions, including image capture, image processing, color processing, signal conversion and output of a processed image or video stream. The Company has also integrated its CameraChip image sensors with wafer-level optics, called CameraCubeChip imaging devices. Its CameraCubeChip imaging device is a small-footprint, total camera solution. OmniVision, through Aurora Systems, Inc., offers a dual-camera video sharing technology called Video-in-Video (ViV).

OmniVision (OVTI) is at $29.38 (0.00%)

It looks like they were bought out in 2015, thus delisted

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Found this after you’re post reply.

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The story doesn’t end there. Once taken over by the Chinese investors the company was sold again to another Chinese company Will Semiconductors and now seems to run as a subsidiary of them. They are publicly listed


However, this seems to be some little unknown company who managed to buy them out somehow… There website (will semiconductor) doesn’t even work, the site existed until late last year and seems to have just disappeared.

As far as i can tell OmniVisoin has taken over as the face of the company and will semiconductor exists in name only, and for that share price.

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I stand corrected. Hats off to you @Eden

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Some final info. Wayback machine shows Will Semiconductors last existence in September where they have a banner pointing people to a seemingly re-named / new company ‘OmniVision Group’


It looks like Will Semiconductor became OmniVison Group, with OmniVison Technologies being their primary subsidiary. But it looks like they’ve not renamed their publicly traded name (perhaps this takes time?) which is still under Will Semiconductors (Ticker: 603501.SS)

(Freetrade doesn’t have access to the Shanghai Stock Exchange)

Part of my job is virtual digging :smile:

Oh, and if you’re still interested in the company, it may be worth making a request not for a stock, but for the Shanghai Exchange. I’ve no idea if China allows access to their exchanges or not by non-chinese brokers?