[Request] Quaise Energy - PRIVATE COMPANY

What is the procedure for requesting a new stock?

There is a nrw company that will soon be hopefully enteing the market called QUAISE.
They ate developing new technology to drill for geo thermal technology and personaly I feel it will be a good market to invest.
So before they do go public I would request that we monitor it for Day 1 and would personaly like to get the balk rolling now so when they do we can all hopefully benefit.

You can start a thread on here and get people to vote for it including yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or you can request directly when on freetrade itself where says contact us! Or find s really good freetrade member on here and ask politely :+1:t2:

Details on their cap table & funding so far. They only raised a series A in February so it’ll be a while I’d guess.



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