Uranium Mining Stocks

Already possible to buy by-proxy exposure to spot uranium through Yellowcake Plc (LSE: YCA).

However those wishing to play the uranium supply deficit, and nuclear trend are currently unable to access uranium mining stocks trading on LSE and NYSE through Freetrade.

Would the platform team consider making the following stocks available.

Tickers & Name:

LSE: KAP - Kazatomprom - World’s largest uranium miner, operating in Kazakstan trading in London.
NYSE: CCJ - Cameco - Operator two most productives Uranium mines, globally McArthur River and Cigar Lake in Canada’s athabasca basin. Nb. Both on care and maintenance.

NYSE: DNN - Denion Mines - Junior minor, with excellent management and advisors.
NYSE: UUUU - Energy Fuels - Junior US minor with sound management and permits on T1 deposits in US lower 48.
NYSE: UEC - Junior US minor with strong board of industry insiders, permits on T1 deposits in lower 48 and central America.
NYSE: NXE - Next Gen Energy - Canadian junior miner with excellent deposits.


Please submit a request for each stock individually. Bulk requests may as well be “all the stocks” as they bypass the voting system. The voting system exists to help :freetrade: prioritise requests and judge what to add. It would be ludicrous, I think, to submit a request for all retail companies. You may feel that this bulk request is somehow more justifiable than that, but the same principle applies.

Ludicrous yes, hence why that’s a small selection of non-junk companies in the sector.

Surely submitting each separately would constitute spamming the forums, at least in my eyes?

Trent’s point is correct, but in this case, please leave this with us. We review them and add them ASAP.


That’s great thank you Viktor. Do you know what a rough timeframe for addition typically is?

We were able to add CCJ, UEC, and NXE today, @JWD. We requested the other US stocks from our US execution partner.

I’m afraid KAP is quite infrequently traded, so we have to monitor if that improves.


Thank you for dealing with this so quickly, I really appreciate it. It says a lot about the company, thank you’re so active in here.

Any ETFs that could be added to FT?

Found a few (TSE:HURA, NYSE:URA, NYSE:URNM) but not GBP listed so can’t be added?

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Problem with overseas ETFs is that as collective investment schemes (CIS) they need to be UCITS compliant, non-EU ETFs are typically not.

Specific to the uranium sector, I am put off ETFs here as there is a fair amount of junk out there. So would rather concentrate my picks across companies with quality management, permitted access to good geologies and sound balance sheets.

I am very fond of ETFs and they constitute the bulk of my portfolio ~90%. However, in this very particular instance I believe there is a better way to fulfil the exposure profile I want.

PS. If you did want access to US ETFs one strategy is to buy a 1x levered CFD (ie. an unleveraged CFD) through a CFD trading platform.

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Would just add that I would love all these stocks to be available.
I would also love for NYSE: URG to be added for more coverage of the sector.

Thanks v much for already adding CCJ, NXE

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I’ll second this.