[Request] Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE-UEC)

Hello can we add Uranium Energy Corp to the listings? They trade on the NYSE and have just become the largest uranium mining company in America

Looking at some older posts it says that uec is added to freetrade but i cant find it on ft.

Has it been removwd or something?

Yes this is a [Request]. topic meaning that the stock is not available on Freetrade at the moment. But you are right previously availability was announced by @Freetrade_Team in Oct 2020:

Given that this topic request for $UEC is dated 2 Jan it is clear that the stock has not been available for a long time.

@Freetrade_Team any progress in adding this? It’s been almost a year now. Uranium is on the cusp of growth again and UEC just signed an $18m contract with the US Government. We have lots of small time uranium plays like NXE and Dennison, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add UEC surely?