Updated: Vaneck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF (NUKL) STOCK REQUEST

EDIT: Updated as per suggestions from @Eden and others on this thread. This Vaneck NUKL fund is UCITS compliant and has both exposure to Uranium mining and progressive nuclear energy tech innovations (4th gen, SMRs, MSRs, etc).

Due to the Index it tracks it only has 25 holdings presently, but that should make it easier for investors to evaluate the quality of the companies in the fund.

Really like the fact that it isn’t a pure Uranium miners play and, although I’d ideally like a little more Kazatomprom in the mix, this will inevitably grow with the structure of the index should their relationship with China bear fruit. Which, if you are a nuclear Bull with a 20+ year time horizon, you probably think it will.

I am bullish on Uranium for the long term and would like to make some part of my SIPP portfolio as an alternative to gold.

However, I have been unenthused by some of the larger ETFs in this area and stumbled upon Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF (HURA) which seems to far better suit my needs. Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF - Horizons ETFs

Horizons is, I believe, a Canadian listed company, so I don’t know if that will affect its availability to UK based Freetrade customers, but if it were I would certainly purchase it. They seems to have several other interesting themed funds for people who like investing along those lines.

There doesn’t appear to be the enthusiasm for this ETF, I’d hoped!

Are there any nuclear bulls out there with alternative ideas for long-term investment? Another fund or particular company with solid prospects for a 20-year horizon?

Could anyone at FT recommend an alternative already on the books that might be of interest to those wishing to go long on Uranium?

check out URNM & URA LSE listed

Unfortunately I don’t think that one can be added. For retail investors in Europe ETFs need to be UCITS compatible

So you would need to look for UCTIS equivalent ETFs and request those if they’re not already available.

I don’t know a whole lot about uranium mining and trading to be honest so I’ve not looked into them in detail

Interesting. Thank you for the info/suggestions.

Been looking a little more into possible options, but I need to do an extensive deep-dive as it isn’t that easy to do a quick scan as uranium/nuclear is only starting to pique the interest of governments (and therefore, down stream) investors again.

As @Eden observed the Horizon fund is unlikely to be an option, from those I have looked at which are UCITS compliant VanEck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF A. (NUKL)

I really like Vaneck’s thematic ETFs (rather like the Horizon ones), and this might potentially make a nice companion to the Vaneck strategic metals fund already in my portfolio. Particularly since it includes progressive nuclear technologies and not just pure mining plays.

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NUKL isn’t available in Freetrade, so id definitely recommend make a request thread specifically for NUKL (or just change the name of this thread and update your OP :smiley: )

There is also an investment trust in this space called Geiger Counter (GCL) which may be worth a look.

I don’t know much about it and it’s not on FT. It looks like the ongoing fee is getting on 4% :astonished:

Going to give this one final bump if the mods do not mind.

If you are interested in nuclear please give NUKL a vote to be added to the Freetrade catalogue for the reasons I have articulated above :point_up_2:.

If not I shall be looking for a more conventional straight up commodity as a (slightly more boring-but safe) alternative. Either a gold/silver etf, or, in light of the supposed electrification of everything, copper.