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Am I right in thinking they’re only listed in Tokyo? Is this possible for freetrade?

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It is not yet but considering how TSE stocks are popular (Softbank, Nintendo, etc.), it will only give Freetrade further motivation to implement them! After all, Japanese market is the second most significant after the US’ :wink:


I When I look at their portfolio it really does excite me. Boston dynamics, uber, and Alibaba in particular I find interesting.

Hopefully one day. I wonder if there is anything currently in the freetradeverse that would cover them? Like an investment company that has shares or an etf I guess.

If anyone knows that would be interesting as this does have quite a lot of votes I feel.

Edit: After some interesting reading it seems they recently undertook a $5.5 billion buyback of their own shares. Some interesting things happening with them and the Nikkei/Topix in general it seems.

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Bump, Because I still really want to invest in SoftBank.


Not sure if this has been answered on the forum. There is an OTC for Softbank listed in the US. Is the timeline of OTC’s included with some of the upcoming stocks do you know Vlad? Or is it just fully fledged stocks that will be getting added.

Edit: It seems there is more than 1 OTC I will look into the difference at the end of the month

If a chance pops up to add this, it’ll be happy days :blush:

I honestly do not know whether OTC companies are planned. They are less liquid than normal stocks and my guess is that TSE stocks may become available faster than OTC.

:sob: that’s a shame, I’d still love to invest in SoftBank

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DeGiro it is :sob:

“We invested in the No. 1 company in respective industries. And I don’t like No. 2,” Son said at SoftBank’s annual shareholder meeting on Thursday. “From my personality perspective, I can’t accept No. 2. I need to be No. 1. I’ve been like this since I was kid. So if I try something, I want to be No. 1 in that area.”

Source >>

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The FT on Softbank’s potential writedowns after WeWork, Uber, etc:

Mr Goyal, who recently cut SoftBank’s target price by 13 per cent, estimates that a WeWork IPO at $20bn and a recent decline in the shares of Uber since its IPO in May could account for $12bn in markdowns — which would constitute about 3 per cent of SoftBank’s gross asset value. An anti-dilution provision is attached to some of SoftBank’s preferred shares in WeWork, which means the Japanese group would be issued more shares if the New York-based company is listed at a price lower than the level SoftBank paid. But people close to SoftBank said the provision provides only limited downside protection. SoftBank declined to comment.

Longer-term, some still expect WeWork to be a successful investment and SoftBank is unlikely to face an immediate cash crunch. SoftBank has set aside $15bn of its first fund for dividend payouts and follow-on investments, and the fund also recently raised cash through $4.1bn in loans against stakes in Slack, Uber and Guardant.

Despite the recent impact the Vision Fund has had on SoftBank’s share price, it still accounts for only 13 per cent of the group’s total value of its assets. Its impact is dwarfed by its 26 per cent stake in Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, which is now worth $120bn and makes up nearly half of the value of SoftBank’s holdings.

Source - The FT

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@engineer That 26% stake in Ali baba is crazy. I thought it was around 16/17%

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It used to be 29% until this June. They sold the 3% for a profit of around $11B


The FT today:

SoftBank executives balk at big loans to invest in Vision Fund

Some staff have been encouraged to fund stakes by borrowing more than 10 times their salary

Some SoftBank executives are balking at taking on large personal loans to buy into the Japanese group’s portfolio of technology companies, an investment scheme described internally as a test of loyalty to founder Masayoshi Son.

The scheme encourages participants to take a huge personal bet on SoftBank’s $97bn Vision Fund — the vehicle which has come under intense scrutiny after the collapse in value of WeWork, the shared office provider that is one of its bigger investments.

SoftBank offers the loans on a sliding scale depending on salary and length of tenure. Some executives have been encouraged to borrow more than 10 times their base salary, according to people familiar with the situation.

Participation is not obligatory, according to people close to the company, but some employees worry that opting out of it may hurt their career.

Given the bullish persona of Mr Son, and the culture that pervades SoftBank, several executives have said they understand it is “expected” that they will take out the loans, despite what many perceive to be the high risk of doing so.

As SoftBank has sought to build record war chests for tech investment, it has relied on employees for a significant contribution. They accounted for about $5bn of the first fund*. People familiar with discussions said they had been allocated more than $15bn of the second Vision Fund, which has a headline value of $108bn but few confirmed outside investors.

Source - FT

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10X!!! They must be learning from Mr. Nuemann

Bump, I still really want to invest in this.

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Another one of Softbank’s investments


And since it opened its doors in 2015, the unicorn has grown rapidly through a series of acquisitions, reaching a staff of 8,000 globally and doubling down on cutting-edge forms of construction, including prefabrication and buildings made of engineered wood.

The company’s meteoric rise, however, hasn’t been without growing pains.

In its four years, Katerra, which is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, has already had three CEOs and is now on its third chief financial officer. And according to a story late last month on the news site the Information, the company has pulled out of “at least half a dozen apartment and hotel projects in the U.S.”

There’s obviously Boston Dynamics too now wholly owned by Softbank":