❌ [Request] - The Avantis U.S. Small Cap AVUV ❌

The Avantis U.S. Small Cap Value exchange-traded fund (ticker: AVUV) is well diversified with nearly 600 holdings—companies trading at low valuations and with higher profitability ratios. Yet it’s actively managed, with the flexibility to make investment decisions based on price momentum, liquidity, and other criteria. The fund has returned 30% year to date, outperforming most peers in the category.

Freetrade really needs upgrade its Small Cap funds.

Are we keen?

I’m 99.9% sure this is a US-listed ETF which cannot be added by Freetrade due to EU regulations.

Some alternatives that are already on the platform include CUS1, ISP6 and XRSG. There are also two investment trusts on the platform: BASC and JUSC: which may fit the bill.

A list of UCITS-compliant US small-cap ETFs which could be added can be found below.


YTD start 80.81 (Jan 3). Today (now) 73.63. That is not a 30% YTD up.

But regardless as @rehpot says it ain’t a UCITS fund and so won’t be provided by UK or EU brokers to retail investors.


I did wonder how on earth a small cap ETF could be up 30% year to date! :laughing:


Ah dam that’s gutting it sounded so promising I was dying for it to be true haha.


Probably was correct, in April 2021