[Feedback Request] Diversified, Low TER ETF Portfolio

Hi all, I’ve done some research and have come up with the below ETF portfolio. I’ve tried to diversify it as much as possible, while trying keeping the Expense Ratio down. I appreciate that it’s largely weighted to the US (in particular the S&P 500), which I’m okay with, for this is where I’m holding most of my ‘certainty’. I’ve included some Value and Size ETFs as well, although I’m not totally happy with the 0.32% total charges for the VVAL ETF, but I can find no better Value ETF option on Freetrade.

My investment strategy is to simply put money in each month and then forget about it. Due to the inclusion of EM, Value, and Small Cap, I intend to keep the money in these ETFs as long as possible. I’m 23, and want the money to be in there for at least 20-25 years.

I’d appreciate any feedback! I’m happy to play with the weightings and which ETFs I include/exclude. The below percentages correspond to the ETF weighting.

IUSA (S&P 500, 0.07% TER) - 30%
ISF (FTSE 100, 0.03% TER) - 7.5%
VMID (FTSE 250, 0.26% TER) - 7.5%
CS51 (Large EUR Companies, ex-UK, 0.1% TER) - 10%
EMIM (Emerging Markets, 0.17% TER) - 15%
WLDS (Global Small Cap, 0.25% TER) - 10%
VVAL (Global Value, 0.32% TER) - 7.5%
VJPN (Large Japanese, 0.18% TER) - 5%
VAPX (Pacific ex-Japan, 0.17% TER) - 7.5%

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