[Request] Trakm8 Holdings (TRAK)

EXCHANGE: London Stock Exchange (AIM)
EXCHANGE LINKS:https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/TRAK/trakm8-holdings-plc/company-page?lang=en

Little Description:
-A fintech/cloud based telematics technology provider
-Provides fleet and auto telematics systems
-Contracts with Autoglass,Iceland,theAA,Scottish Power to name just a few
-Provides telematics based insurance to new drivers and people with low mileage
-80% of the stock is insider or institution owned
Lookers Leasing partners with Trakm8 | Fleet industry news
Arnold Clark expands offering via new Trakm8 partnership - FleetPoint

Welcome to the community!

FT has recently indicated that they are working on adding stocks that trade on the SETsqx platform such as TRAK.

See latest comment on this in the Helium One thread.

That is interesting.
Despite this being SETsqx, I can see most of the traditional brokers like Hargreaves Lansdown, IG, AJ Bell and even jarvis offer this stock on their platform

FT already offer a lot of these stocks that trade on SETsqx but as @Viktor has commented on another thread the quote price they get from the exchange in many cases falls outside of their Best Execution Policy.

But hopefully it’s not long before they find a way around this as there are a lot of good stocks (also requested by members here) on SETsqx.

I see what you mean. Most growth stocks normally operate within the AIM (Alternative investment Market) space of which a large portion will be using SETsqx MM trading service. I do agree, the quoted prices for illiquid or low volume stocks will be wide from what the actually settlement price could be once executed.

However, I think you can eliminate the risk of this to the investor by restricting the instrument to LIMIT orders only. This means the investor is conscious of the price and fees before placing the order, with the executed LIMIT order being 100% in line with the investor’s expectation and order sheet.

By implementing the LIMIT order restriction, means both the user have access to the security thus growing the FT platform, whilst limiting the risk which is the policy intent. Also makes FT competitive when compared to the other commission free brokers like T212

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Would like to know your thoughts @Viktor @thinking_hydrogen

Hi Selena

I understand what you’re saying but ultimately it’s a product decision that FT product owners need to make.

  • Limiting SETsqx stocks only to Limit Orders may pose technical challenges as there are lots of stocks that are available without Plus which means customers don’t have access to Limit and Stop orders.
  • Not all new investors are aware of concepts such as Limit orders
  • Limit orders are not guaranteed to be executed

Hi Chaz
Thank you for the response

Re Points

  1. Limit order will be specific to ISIN as oppose to SETSqx, thus not affecting existing products/stocks
  2. I do think most investors are aware of the difference between Market vs Limit with the difference being a stated buy price for limit. I think those who are eager to access the instruments with LIMIT condition will be happy to educate themselves
    3)This is a RISK benefit, as not being executed means the user isnt left with a purchase he may not be happy with.


@Viktor kind reminder

@Viktor Kind Reminder

@sampoullain hi Sam, I saw your recent post regarding setsqx securities.

I was wondering if you could give an opinion on the above.

And also whether Trakm8 could be added to the list of instruments to be considered, pretty please


@Viktor @sampoullain
Hi, is setsqx tickets still a problem or can this be added please