[Request] Intermap Technologies Corporation (ITMSF)

These are listed in the US and Canada:

Intermap Technologies Corporation (ITMSF) - US
Intermap Technologies Corporation (IMP.TO) - Toronto

Would it be possible to list these?

Geomapping technology company who do a lot of stuff for US Governments.

This may seem petty, but the rule regarding one stock or ETF in any given request post precludes multiple listings of the same company. They’re different instruments, after all. As you likely know, Freetrade staff want only one per post because they rely on the voting system to gauge user demand.

I’d suggest you make a separate post for the Canadian listing. As the first instrument listed is an OTC Markets stock, neither of the exchanges on which these shares are listed are currently supported. Still, it makes sense to me to keep them separate.

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They are also listed on Borse Frankfurt. I don’t think FT would be happy if I create 3 posts requesting the same company’s stock? Equally I would not need all 3 listed. But given current lack of upvotes maybe it will be a waste of time regardless.

Intermap will be massive once the likes of Amazon need their mapping data for drone deliveries. Would be nice to have them within an ISA.