[Request] Altus Strategies Plc (ALS)

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I’ve edited your post title, as each request needs to be for one unique instrument. That means one share or ETF listing on a given exchange. ALS is a different ticker than the others, so this request only covers that specific listing. If you’d like to request the others, you’ll need to post a different request for each.

It may seem ridiculous, but the voting system guides what the Freetrade staff add. Thus, having more than one stock or ETF in a request post - even if it’s for the same company on a different exchange - bypasses the voting system.

Before posting again for each, it’s worth noting that OTC Markets are not currently supported by Freetrade. The same goes for Canadian exchanges. That doesn’t change the posting requirements for requests and eventually the plan is to support all exchanges. We’ve been told that European exchanges are coming soon, but not any timescales for others.

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not sure if I get this right, but is this stock not considered 1 listing?