New stock requests pls

hi there, moving my ISA over from ii

i currently own these stocks which aren’t on your platform IL0011301780
Kinsale Capital US49714P1084
Walker & Dunlop US93148P1021
Zillow US98954M1018
Zoom Video Comms US98980L1017
Zscaler US98980G1022


All 6 stocks are on FT. How did you check availability?

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Welcome to the forum.

Please search before posting, as what you want may well exist in the app, or have been previously requested. If they don’t exist, please follow the below.

This isn’t the way :freetrade: staff want stock requests to be done on the forum. Why not? That vote button is important to them, as it helps gauge demand. Thus, posting more than one request in a stock request post isn’t okay; it bypasses the voting system.

What Freetrade staff - and those of us who put some of our spare time into keeping the forum tidy - appreciate is the title of a post having both the ticker and full instrument (ETF or stock) name. The body can contain related information, but the important thing is that only one instrument is included in the request and that the full instrument name and ticker is included in the title. This makes it easier for staff to add things and users to know what they’re going to find when they open a post.

This is a recent post title example that works: [Request] Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli (LISN)

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hi there

did check via the website for a search under name and they never came up?

thats odd, happy if they there though


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