[Request] Tullow Oil - TLW

Tullow Oil stock request for Free users. I made a chat topic but here is my Stock Request topic.

Per the deletion of Calisen, Tullow Oil has been admitted into the FTSE250 and therefore should be available to free users.

RNS Announcing Calisen Deletion: Calisen - 17:30:08 09 Mar 2021 - News article | London Stock Exchange

  • Short Description (From LSE):

“Tullow Oil is an independent oil and gas exploration and production
company. Co. has interests in various exploration and production
licenses across several countries. Co.'s focus is on finding and
monetizing oil in Africa and South America. Co.'s primary activities
include targeted exploration and appraisal, selective development
projects and growing its production. Co.'s reportable segments
include: West Africa, East Africa, and New Ventures.”

Freetrade staff have been pretty clear about why certain stocks are Plus. If a stock becomes eligible for the free universe due to it being part of a different index, they’ll update it when they plan on updating it. I think this is done on a quarterly basis, but I’m not 100% sure. There’s no need to post about it. It’ll happen when it happens.

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It is a valid stock request, I was asked to fill in a request form by support. As such I feel it also warrants a stock request topic… as I am requesting a stock…

There is no duplicate for this request and your flagrant dismissal is not appreciated, but I appreciate your persistence to helping clean up the forum.

I don’t think having a swipe at me puts you 100% in the right. Two wrongs, as they say.
For my part, I don’t believe it’s a valid stock request. Stock requests are for things that don’t exist on the platform. If you’ve been asked by support to fill out the form, sure. But it sounds like you’ve done that, as well as posted about it twice on the forum. At a certain point, it becomes borderline spam. As I see it.