[Request] - Wahed Dow Jones Islamic World ETF - (UMMA)

NEW YORK–([BUSINESS WIRE])–[Wahed], a financial investment company that aims to advance financial inclusion through accessible, affordable, and values-based investing, will debut the Nasdaq’s first Shariah-compliant and ESG-aware ETF today. The [Wahed Dow Jones Islamic World ETF (Ticker: UMMA)], which will begin trading today on the [Nasdaq], seeks long-term capital appreciation and looks to provide investors access to international, ex-U.S. investments that seek to better align with their values.

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Hi @Mya786

Firstly welcome welcome welcome :ocean:

You’re probably not aware but many US-registered ETFs are not available in the UK/EU as they’re not compliant with UCITS regulations. If you’re able to find a compliant version it’ll have UCITS in the title. More information can be found here

I would like to ask my ETF A-Team @Cameron @bitflip @J4ipod94 if there many / any sharia compliant funds on the platform?

Quick search on the Freetrade platform shows ISUS and ISWD.

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Thanks for the quick response Neil. That’s useful information, I’ll consult them regarding the UCITS compliance.
Yes, ISWD and ISUS are available but it would be great to have more options for those interested. I think it’s a great opportunity for Freetrade because it can grow interest from different parts of the community.

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I echo @Mya786’s thoughts. It would be great to have more Shariah compliant options such as HLAL and UMMA.

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@aamim please read @NeilB’s comment.

Products must comply with U.K. regulations in the U.K. and EU regulations in the EU. If the products you have identified are compliant then make a request and I am sure you will get support.

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