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For the success of the trading platform, ease and free dealing is not enough. The platform should be the first poit of call for new investment ideas. This requires the platform to provide education, fundamental data, and exchange of investment ideas tailored to the target audience (short attention span, user friendly, not complicated, fun). I am the user of several reseach and trading platforms, I am professional investor and analyst. I am happy help with th development of this offereing, which should create sticky and long tern client relationships.


This has been raised before (to an extent):

And was supported by the insiders:

Also, by looking at the UI pictures on Crowdcube, each security will have basic stats like company description, sector, market cap, revenue, etc. Whilst it is certainly not enough to make an investment decision, the users are encouraged to undertake their own due diligence or invest in popular ETFs / Index trackers instead. For instance, S&P 500 trackers only charge 0.05% per annum, which is negligible, whilst their past performance is about 7% growth in the last 100 years (3-5 inflation adjusted).

It has been discussed in Future Competitors thread that being “jack of all trades and master of none” is not the way to go at the moment. There are plenty of other analytical resources, such as TipRanks, Finviz, Stockrow and others who provide good quality insightful data to make decisions upon.

Hence there is no reason to try and replicate such services and delay Freetrade’s very own agenda, which is incredibly ambitious → ISAs + SIPPs + Crypto + EU expansion + Further Expansion + Integration with other entities.

But of course, nothing would stop them to add analytical spectrum into the long-term goals, when all essential features are there for the community to enjoy and take benefit of.

By the way, welcome to the community and it is great to see interesting and challenging suggestions being raised!

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I am considering investing in FreeTrade. And as professional investor I believe that the value of the company is driven by sustainable superior profitability and profit growth. Sustainability and predictability of cashflow to shareholders is the key here. To achieve the sustainability the Freetrade should have sustainable competitive advantage. Low Cost to clients and lean digital platform is not enough. Clients relationship should be sticky and revenue/client should be as good as competitors. Value added services and seamless execution is what clients want. Free and valuable content generated by clients could be surcharge a competitive advantsge.


Valid points, not arguing with that at all.

But given the Team’s current capacity, there is a lot of prioritisation that needs to take place at start. Especially considering the product is only yet available to limited number of users, the efforts are now devoted to the initial launch and core features that will attract the users to start with.

They do not want to be like Carillion, taking all the work upon themselves and ending up where they did eventually (the analogy is extremely rough, I know, but that is a general idea I guess).


Will likely need to be quick to invest! But still an opportunity

Completely agree with your points but as a startup it needs to be prioritised as is explained in the threads @Vlad has pointed to. Need to get the product tip top as it’s not a great strategy to flood a new product that hasn’t been polished yet. I have to say I am very comfortable with freetrades approach to marketing and the roadmap so far

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Speaking of the roadmap,

Very much hoping to seeing it soon as per @adam’s post.

Once it is publicly available, the community could then point out what they wish to have without duplicating what is already there.

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Completely agree. Growth vs investment is a fine balance.

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This is a management skill - rapid growth vs investment, capital allocation. NPV of future cashflow to shareholders and accuracy of prediction is the key metrics to manage.


As we all can see, given the Crowdcube funding outcome recently, it is certain that all the investors have trust in the Team that got so far in the last 2 years, and seem competent to manage safe growth and capital allocation going forward.

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