Transparent product roadmap

Just wondering whether Freetrade will share their product roadmap, with rough timescales for the features / service that you’re planning to add?

I’m thinking something along the lines of Monzo’s roadmap or Slack’s.



It’s already in a Trello board and will be released soon. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.


Hello All !

I was wondering if you guys have any plans to introduce/ provide the following:

  • Opening market access to Euronext/FWD
  • Level 1/2 data
  • The ability to access GDRs traded through the International Order Book
  • EM exchange access

Also what sort of timescales we can expect on these, if they are on the horizon. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere or maybe covered off in the Transparent Roadmap.

Thanks in advance! :rocket:

Just to add: Not sure if this needs it’s own separate category. I’m sure the community leaders can split or close this topic? Happy to repost as separate threads.


Probably would sit well here
Too many categories would look too distractive

Thanks Christopher. Moved to here for now, just until we can see what is actually on the Trello when it’s released, I’ll make a separate thread for feature requests though when we know what’s in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Thank you @tommy. Any available timescales on the road map release?

Very good questions, especially 1 (Euronext), 2 (lvl 1/2) and 4 (EM).

It would be interesting to see in your roadmap when you’ll roll out the following

Main Products and Services

  1. Standard Share Dealing Account
  2. Tax-advantaged accounts (Junior ISA, ISA, SIPP)
  3. Foreign Stocks (US, Europe, Asia)

Nice to Have
4. Cryptocurrencies
5. FX like Interactive brokers (one can switch base currency)
6. Derivative products (Options, Warrants, Futures)

I am particularly interested in 2 as my my family’s accounts (junior ISA, ISA and SIPP) are with HL.


Just a quick update that we’ll release our product roadmap sometime after the public rollout has started on the 18th September.

White hot focus until then and during the early days of that phase. :muscle:


Brilliant news. Looking forward to it.

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Fantastic news. Keep the momentum going.

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Great news! :smiley:
and do you have any idea when there will be a second funding round to invest in Freetrade through crowdcube?

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We don’t have immediate plans for more funding, but would alert everyone in our community a good time before :slight_smile:

Just to clarify though, most recent was our 3rd round so another would be the 4th!


oh the 4th! I didn’t know that :blush: That’s cool then as long as we know it first :smirk: I hope it will be soon


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Any more news on this, @Viktor ?

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Would be great to see a very rough roadmap soon. The two things I’m very keen to see are Alpha and ISA’s.

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There won’t be a roadmap next week but I’d recommend keeping an eye out here for some updates :eyes:


Re the roadmap, imho a public roadmap probably needs only three or four “buckets” on its time axis: Now, Next (these first two might be months or quarters, whatever), One day, and perhaps Never.

Do yourselves a massive favour and only give precise dates for specific features that are in the current or next chunk-of-time/sprint/whatever-you-call-it. There’s not much point putting dates on things further away because it takes lots of effort which will be inevitably wasted because so many things will change between now and one day. :+1:

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OK, would be good to see something soon, just to have an idea of direction in the medium term. I agree with Rod that it should just be simple buckets (Soon, Near Term, Long Term or similar with Soon meaning in the next few months). It would help give everyone clarity on where your focus lies in the immediate term. Things slip of course and move around, but it is good to be able to plan a little based on company priorities (for example for me I’d like to know when ISAs are available and I’m pleased to hear they are coming before the next tax year.

PS Really like the new ETFs, people often forget to invest globally and it’s great to see the stock universe expanding - looking forward to US stocks arriving too, which I have never bought before.