Forum AMA with Duncan Leslie, Freetrade VP Product, Fri 5th Nov, 1 PM

Following the conversation with Freetrade VP Marketing, @nickfell last week, it’s time for our second AMA of the season — and this week it’s time to talk product.

Your host this Friday will be @Duncan, Freetrade VP Product, who many of you will know from previous Community AMAs.

For those who haven’t met him yet, Duncan is somewhat of a brokerage industry veteran having spent 15 years at Hargreaves Lansdown prior to a role as Product Director at Monzo, before joining Freetrade almost two years ago.

In his time at Freetrade so far, Duncan has led a transformation in the Freetrade product and delivered major features and products such as fractional shares, the Freetrade SIPP, live pricing and many more.

Drop your questions for Duncan on the thread below and he’ll jump on here at 1 PM this Friday 5th November to answer them :point_down:


Thanks for coming to answer questions!

What can you say about the balance between iterative improvements on the app / current products versus launching new markets / products?


Hello Duncan,

I’ll start you off with two easy questions.

  1. What feature are you most looking forward to introducing and when is it planned
  2. What future feature do you believe will be of most benefit to Freetrade and its users.



Another one from me!

Do you see the Freetrade app as the only channel for Freetrade products in the future?

I ask for two reasons: firstly, a web interface has been long discussed; and perhaps more interestingly, I’ve always thought that some form of agreement between UK fintechs working on different propositions might be more than the sum of their parts. Would you, for example, consider integrating with [insert your choice of neobank here]?

And, as a cheeky follow-up, any thoughts on open APIs to let us see our holdings in aggregator apps?


When can we expect to trade/own cryptocurrencies on the platform? What were the challenges with building a crypto trading platform?


:warning: :warning: PUN ALERT :warning: :warning:

Now I know what you’re all thinking Oh no not you again, I can almost hear you sigh but it wouldn’t be an AMA if I didn’t, like The Rolling Stones, bust out an old hit that nobody asked for …


I know You can’t always get what you want but so far I can’t get no satisfaction , so can you talk a little about the challenges you for see in offering a JISA? Is there enough of a market to justify the work required. I ain’t to proud to beg

Don’t you lie to me I’m just trying to give you my Money



JISA, LISA. When? How far away?

SIPP employer contributions. When? How far away?

Some have expressed interest in a Freetrade Pro kind of account. When? How far away?


Just correcting a typo in your message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry if I’m breaking the rules here, but @Raul what would be in a Pro account? Any existing topics on that?


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Any news on REITs being made available in ISAs?


Are we getting DRIP this year one of the most requested features


Is there going to be a Christmas list this year


Are you going to add a system to prevent multiple accounts? :rofl:

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Which of the highly requested features (if any) can UK users expect in 2021?

(I’m hoping the reason your doing an AMA is to announce something juicy before year end)


There hasn’t been many new features or improvements on the app this year, why is that?

(I can only think of instant deposits and live-ish pricing - both great features)

Why is EU stocks taking significantly longer than expected?


100% agreed with this. The front page graph is basically useless because my regular deposits make it always look like things are rosy, even if they aren’t. A graph like the one in the ‘Insights’ tab is what should be on the front page.


Another investment app I use dose exactly the same with the graph. I think it is cos it gives the impression that your money is always going up or up by even more than it is. Unless you know what you are look at.

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Hi there. Happy FT user here.

There have been numerous requests for this for a while now, so the question is…

Will you be adding a trailing stop loss feature (as is common on a lot of other trading platforms)?

Thanks for the AMA!