Single entry form

Anyone else find it annoying to go through multiple screens to place an order?

Can freetrade like numerous apps out there not simplify it so that it is one entry form where you specify/limit or market, number of shares, price per share, a calculated field of price - and in Freetrades case local and currency of stock so that it can be checked and verified before the entry time frame is gone?

Its easier and cleaner to use, you should be an option to be able to trade like this.

@DeeDee FT have grown a business with over 1,000,000 users and likely valued at over £1bn. With the greatest of respect they know what they’re doing and aren’t likely to change because of one user.


Thanks Neil def love being targeted by your no change policy.

I think they did come at the app as simple for beginners. I do wish there was pro mode or maybe just pro settings, 1-click buy could be there, good plan. Calm down Neil, you’re coming off a bit fanboy.


Freetrade Pro sounds cool.

Using our imagination as the limit, what features would that tier offer and what would be the price?


I haven’t even thought about how many screens it takes to place an order and to be honest it’s only about 3 or 4 clicks.

No issue at all really.

Also why would FT ‘do what other apps do’. It’s actually quite annoying when organisations do this. Like how Twitter and LinkedIn added ‘stories’ - just do what you’re doing and stay as you are. That’s why a lot of people use FT. To me, it’s no bother at all.


I’m not against the idea but do wonder how impatient someone must be to need less screens/buttons to press as it is something I have never thought about as well. It takes seconds to purchase some stocks.


Thanks Adam, I think you’ve articulated it best. That for non beginners a one simple entry form would be ideal.

The single form and even a pro approach would be ideal for setting up planning trades. A few people have complained of slow fills especially on volatile movers, this could definitely help.

Sadly Neil and a few others have been targeting me for making recommendations for change rather take the app as it is.

In a volatile market where prices are moving 1pt in like 20 seconds, for practically it makes perfect sense to have that functionality.


Based on experience I’d have to say depends on the collaboration they can establish from a direct brokers - esp big markets like US. I would recommend cost basis of per trade but has a max cost per month and obviously size of trades.

But if it were a Pro app, then:

  1. ability to prep and have trades ready for a one click activate trade would be nice.

  2. A single form allows you to tinker with size price and fx impact to get the right trade in place, the current back and forth doesn’t help. I have to prep in Excel and once ready to execute get speedy in the app.

  3. Pro’s know there is a bid and ask value out there, the ability to see that.

Currently the app (even with best efforts is very slow in filling orders), and those who are trading volatility lose out on that. Touch wood I havent so far but have seen enough feedback on here that the education isn’t there that a stock is halted or what the resumption price might be etc. Visibility of all these things would help the investor/trader make informed decisions.

I think the key is education for beginners and existing users on the market they trade to help them understand these elements, so functionality around that.


Sadly with volatile stocks those seconds can be valuable. And by the looks of it as users do trade them here on FT here its those (potentially beginners that FT is trying to help) that lose out.

Also is there a thread on here for platforms that allow day trading in ISA’s?

As this isn’t a FT feature and so many are saying don’t use it for that purpose, has anyone guided people on platforms that have the latest volatile tickers traded in their ISA?