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USD610 per share or £439.96 means if you invested £100 in the funding event you now have around £30,800 based on that.

With the current investors expecting to make a profit you can argue anything from 3 to 15 times return depending on the percentage of the funds they invested and their failure rate etc.,.

At the moment Revolut looks like an incredible success for investors that has the chance to get a heck of a lot better for them.



All paper money unless they have traded on the secondary markets.

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Does anyone know Revolut financials for 2021/22 they seem to be a couple of months later than last year

And another??

Revolut financials should have been filed on 30/09/2022.Anyone have any news??

Well on the positive side for them, they have finally moved off of the temporary Cryptoassets Registration Regime.

Interesting article,I can’t wait to see the Revolut finacials for 2021. I can only see massive losses!

It’s quite funny how desperate you are for Revolut to fail.

Is it because you know how much richer you’d be if you had invested in them instead of Monzo?

Here’s a question for you…what do you reckon 2021 revenue will be?


For now, we have to take him by his word; after filing for two extensions, Revolut will not release its 2021 financial statements until December.

You ignored my question Brian…

What do you reckon there 21 turnover will be?


I have answered your question,i think their losses will double. Now you answer your own question?

Ok, so you won’t answer the question.

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@SlimShadey I have answered your question,I think their losses will double. Now you tell me what you think?
Just to add I think their next valuation will be £10 billion