Revolut tube ads (inspired by Spotify)

(Emma) #1

Still making the news for the wrong reasons

Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅
(Ben Sheppard) #2

A couple spotify designers were having a laugh about how bad of a rip of it was


I absolutely love Revolut :-1: - I’m still not quite sure what they are trying to be and I certainly don’t think they understand what people really want (or how to relate to people it would appear)

(Chris) #4

I feel Alex would ban me if I posted my true feelings on Revolut as a company.
They are without a doubt the most shady and underhand part of the fintech world. They have an utter disregard for their staff and customers. I’m sure they’ll be a court case in future with financial irregularities and missing data.


(Jonny) #6

That Vegan sausage roll comment seems like such a cheap grab to be “current” :speak_no_evil:

(Emma) #7

That’s one way for Chad to get a date


City watchdog to probe Revolut’s ‘spoof’ takeaway ad campaign


(Dave Smith) #10

Interesting that they’re now saying the figures are made up. I was more concerned with their use of peoples data for advertising than the “single shaming” aspect. While aggregated figures like that might not give much away it did imply they were storing data on what you were buying

Now it turns out they just lied on the ad

(Tommy Lowe) #11