Russel 2000 ETF (vanguard or iShares)

Freetrade provides access to 2 Russel 2000 ETFs (from Xtracker and SPDR). These 2 have a TER of 0.338% and 0.3%.

Is it possible to add the iShares or Vanguard Russel 2000? These have a TER of 0.1%.

Vanguard Russel 2000:

  • Symbol: NASDAQ:VTWO

iShares Russel 2000:

  • Symbol: NYSEMKT:IWM

Thank you!

I think those two are US-listed ETFs which unfortunately, cannot be added due to EU rules on disclosures.

This may change as the Treasury seems swayed by the argument investors should have access to US ETFs. However, if it does happen, repealing the rules will likely take a few years.

For now, we just have access to the four Russell 2000 ETFs listed here:

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Thanks rehpot. I did wonder about that as I couldn’t find them being traded anywhere in the EU.

If it doesn’t have UCITS in the title, its not available for UK/EU customers.

On a technicality UK investors can buy US ETFs, but this is only available to non retail investors.

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