Sandstorm Gold (SAND)

Sandstorm Gold Ltd. provides financing for precious metal mining companies. Gold miners and financers like Sandstorm are a great assymetric bet amongst the current global geopolitical and economic uncertainty.

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Well I wasn’t interested in this but I spotted @Theinvestmentjourney had posted :grinning: I’ll probably doing some DD on this tomorrow

Can it share my love for GGP

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It’s a different play altogether than GGP but I like CEO Nolan Watson. He was part of team that built Wheaton Precious Metals, another streaming company. He’s worth a listening to a interview or two on YouTube and this Hot Maden project is looking promising

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PS. The price / NAV is not so attractive at the moment but during the last flash crash, it got attractive for a few weeks.

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Debt free and good management so I hear. I picked up 6 or so of these the other day with some left over funds in FT. Can I be convinced to pick up more? Any more thoughts on SAND?

Nolan Watson was at Wheaton precious metals when they went big, he was CFO at time. There’s lot of interviews out there for you to gauge his personality and I think he is a good capital allocator.

One of big risk is they heavily rely on one upcoming gold project which has a big effect on their projected growth and income, Hod Maden Project. If it is a success then it’s a winner, if not then it is a big setback.

I’m a shareholder on another platform and will pick some more up here when the price is right

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What would you consider the right price? I’ve picked some up between 7.50-7.70

My valuation is quite rough but I like the margin of safety price target of <$7.00. Fair price being $9.50 assuming a 10% rate of return assuming $1750 gold. Only my quick and dirty personal assessment and not investment advice.

I’m want to do a full bottom up NAV look at them but all bigger research is on hold at the moment as I am snowed under at work.

Also I haven’t paid attention to latest Hod Maden updates and I would definitely keep this in focus