Euro collapse = Invest in Gold?

I hear mutterings of Italy going bankrupt, German recession and the epic collapse of the Euro this year. People hinting at investing in Gold.

I have bought into Centamin Minning but I hear POLY METAL (Not on Freetrade yet) being punted around amongst others. But I am a mere novice.

Does anyone have any views on this?

Invest in gold or invest in people digging up the gold? There’s a physical gold ETF in app if you want to track the price of the gold itself

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Thanks Emma.
There are lots of views out there and they are usually trying to charge you a fee for the privilege of their share tips. I am investing relatively small amounts at present and I am interested in the ideas of more experienced investor with regard to sifting through the waffle :slight_smile:

Gold is priced in Dollars, ideally you want the dollar to collapse for Gold to really take off.

Mining companies can be extremely risky especially small ones, they often get hammered if there’s even a small drop in the gold price

In the past I’ve done alright trading in and out of Wheaton Precious metals (formerly Silver Wheaton). They finance miners in exchange for buying silver and gold later at a fixed price which is usually well below the spot price. They tend to be correlated with the silver price, and pay a small dividend. There’s a couple of other companies doing the same thing. Sandstorm Gold is one of them


also have sandstorm position with another broker. Would be great to get it on FT alongside barrick gold - considering Dalio’s constant posting about a global recession - sooner rather later!

He’s been saying it for years. It’s basically like saying “it’s going to rain”…maybe not Today or Tomorrow but eventually, sure. Hardly an enlightening prediction


He has a $1.5b hedge for a crash in the next four months which covers 66% of his entire holdings.

Bridgewater has an AUM of 160B+ how is it 66% of his entire holdings? I re-read your message but I dont know how to do the strikethrough writing. Hardly a huge cover though

Longest bullmarket - he’s so good at what he does because he hedges. He’s probably had plenty like this in the last few years just this one got reported on

There is also an ETF within the app for GOLD producers, which has seen much better returns. I was looking into GOLD and came across the two ETFs.


$1bn short position; $60bn long position
If he was so confident they’d be the other way around

Ray Dalio.

It’s a net bet as well, for all we know he could have $3B dollar long against $4B dollar short giving a delta position of -$1B (net short position), which is what the media is on about. It could be anything really.

If the former is true and volatility rises, he’ll make a killing on both sides.

The 1.5 billion is just the fee associated with trading put options. Yes, 1.5b is just 1% of Bridgewater’s AUM but all that 1.5b represents is the right to sell a security at a specific price for a fixed period of time (next 4 months). The premium covers $100b or 66% (100/150=66%) of his book. I acknowledge he’s a “hedge” fund manager and we don’t know the bigger play; it’s also not a large part of my research. It might not have been the best example to use - I just want to buy some gold stocks. :joy: