Should people invest in physical assets? (Gold/Silver,etc)

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What’s your viewpoint on owning physical gold/silver and other precious metals for investment? I think alot of people feel that hobby is merely for doomsday believers. I’ve seen many gold/silver collectors believe that after this situation with more unemployment and a change in public spending/wage gap that these assets will one day skyrocket. What do you think?

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Look at the value of gold last 100 years. Look at the value of the s&p500. It’s a total waste to buy blocks or gold in my opinion. I invest in gold miners. Totally different


GGP? :grin:


Gold is good for when there is a war. Chances that that happens in the UK are very small. Even in the case of Brexit, or Scotland declaring independence, the markets will continue to exist. Gold keeps it value but does not give returns like stocks give dividends. In that perspective, gold is a dead thing.

Gold miners are pretty risky though. There’s a saying that the definition of a Gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar stood next to it

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I do hold GGP. A lot actually. But they technically arent miners. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


‘Look at the value of gold last 100 years. Look at the value of the s&p500. It’s a total waste to buy blocks or gold in my opinion. I invest in gold miners. Totally different’

This argument is for those that believe past performance is an indication for future performance.

I hold gold and silver in both ETFS and physically - if you believe in gold/silver you’ve got to hold some physically (buy smart though some inflated premiums out there)

I do believe past performance is an indicator of future performance. Not of an individual but of a population. That’s why I diversify. I think I’m right in stating (let me know otherwise) but if any investor at any time in the history of the modern US market had invested for 10 years in the top 50 stocks he would have out performed gold.
I believe the market and gold both need each other. If the top 50 stocks in the US fail at once its probably the end of the world and civilisation. Collectively they are bigger than quite a few countries in the world.

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The world never stops spinning.

Companies come and go - however big.

Diversity helps :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Topped up in AAZ today (elsewhere) on results. Paying a 5% divvy, increased 10% from last year (just to prove not everyone’s cutting!:grin:). They’re a cash rich gold miner, with low costs, but as they operate in Azerbaijan do come with a degree of geographical risk…:sunglasses:

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There are no hard and fast rules it does massively depend on your timeframe. We do not have enough data points for stocks to really compare century to century. There has been analysis done of the value of gold throughout history and it holds up pretty well. The average salary of a Roman centurion in gold is worth about US $45,000. Even Buffett has underperformed gold over a 20 year period (see Bloomberg terminal screenshot below). I firmly believe gold is a solid hold for any portfolio. If you have been told that Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation then you need to read up on the economics of it all. The reason gold is a hedge (and not Bitcoin) is because gold is a good priced in USD. As it is a good, as prices rise so does the price of gold.


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