Gold for pensions

Has anyone here successfully hooked up a SIPP to Royal Mint Bullion?

How easy was it?!

Forgive my ignorance but what is the incentive of having gold as an investment?

To me it seems quite expensive to maintain and is very speculative. Why not just keep cash as long as you can get interest above inflation it seems a much better bet beyond a massive financial disaster? And of course in that scenario you’re relying on someone else not being part of said collapse to keep that gold price up. I understand the volatility of financial markets, but most currencies haven’t recently had hyperinflation like in Germany or Venezuela.

To rephrase my question then, what about it makes it an investment you want? The article sums up many things some of which I mentioned, so I’m curious about your own motivation, or that of others.

I’m after something that has pretty good long-term value retention and doesn’t correlate to bonds or stocks.

It’s basically an easy way to add a little more asset diversity, albeit as a small percentage of total investment.

Putting a bit in a SIPP for a couple of decades would do just nicely. No CGT, 20%-45% tax relief upfront on investment… Safe in bankruptcy too, isn’t it?

Why use the Royal Mint though? You can put a physical gold ETF/C in your SIPP easily, so you get the exposure to gold with physical backing.

in the Domesday scenario the only gold worth having is the gold in your pocket!

All true. I quite like platform diversity though too.
Maybe overthinking it. ETF would definitely be cheaper.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has done this though!