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You could have timed it right.
If i knew how to i would have underlined could!

I’ve gone big into this. Traded it a few times in the last year or so. A safe hold going into next year when I expect inflation to start coming down and interest rates to also come down. Hopefully will get back up to £10 minimum by then. All IMO!


If only I’d waited! Powell’s Fed speech has killed the Santa rally. Even better entry point now. Typical!

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Wow, this is at a whopping 18% discount. Any ideas why? I mean, I know growth stocks have been underperforming massively in the past year, but why the huge discount from NAV?

Just due to market sentiment eg no one wants to buy it. I’m sitting on a huge loss but given that, I’m just going to hold forever now.


It’s partly due to the unlisted allocation, which is more than 30% if I remember correctly.

If you look at pure growth capital trusts – such as MNTN – they’ve been taken even more of a kicking.

Unquoted investments are valued less regularly (I think SMT is quarterly), so there’s a lag.

The discount can widen if the market expects private holdings to be marked down further in future.

SMT uses a fair amount of borrowing too: the gearing stands at about 12%, which amplifies things.

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How much of this trusts portfolio is in China?

15.3% is in Asia

the full list of holdings is here Our Portfolio | Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust

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Not as much as I might have thought. I hold Scottish American also by bailie Gifford and 13% or thereabouts is Asia.

SMT doesn’t have as much as I thought it did

I thought it was like40% or some huge margin.

I am wary of too much china expose due to political risks if nothing else.

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Maybe thinking of private investments? Which is just under 30%

I think some of their larger holdings are in china but at the same time they’re all under 2-3% each.

I like SAIN, reliable dividend payer

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14.47% in China, according to the Trustnet FE factsheet-data as at 31/01/23. Second largest country weighting after the US, (51.62%).


30% is the maximum allowable for SMT, but they have exceeded this at times due to the fall in values of their listed portfolio.

Scottish Mortgage exceeds 30% PE limit for second time in nine months.

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Did anyone receive dividend for this?

Not yet. I’ve raised a query and awaiting a response. Not sure what’s happened with Freetrade recently. In the past they seemed to pay out dividends within 2-3 working days at the most - now it’s suddenly stretched out to 8-10 days. I haven’t had any issues like this until the last month or so, and it seems to be a problem irrespective of where the dividend is coming from.


Thanks for that will have to wait and see what they say then

I think mine’s just dropped in. Haven’t seen a notification yet but I don’t think I have any others outstanding and the amount’s about right.

Now paid and notified (this afternoon)

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